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Minneapolis 2013

2013 Minneapolis Election Using Ranked Choice Voting

Minneapolis voters approved a charter amendment in 2006 by a nearly two-to-one margin mandating the use of Ranked Choice Voting for municipal elections. The first opportunity for Minneapolis voters to use RCV was in the November 2009 elections. The implementation was a huge success, with 95 percent of polled voters – and 97 percent of people of color  reporting they found it easy to use. This year will be the first time the city has used RCV for a wide-open mayoral contest with multiple contenders.

FairVote Minnesota is collaborating with the City of Minneapolis to educate the public about Ranked Choice Voting in preparation for the November election.


Calendar of educational events

  • Click here for a list of events where volunteers will be providing information about the RCV election this year and available to answer your questions.

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We thank the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Joyce Foundation, the Minneapolis Foundation and Target Foundation for their support for this important work.