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FairVote MN News

Title Published
FairVote MN News: March 2012 3/28/2012
We're Movement-Building the Grassroots Way 3/27/2012
Caucus-goers across MN Agree: RCV ‘Just Makes Sense!’ 2/27/2012
The Oscars Are Coming – Vote in Our (Ranked) Best Picture Poll 1/26/2012
Bao Vang Joins FairVote Minnesota Board 1/25/2012
Bring RCV to Your Precinct Caucus on Feb. 7! 1/25/2012
Grateful for 2011 Achievements, Geared Up for 2012 12/22/2011
Letter by Don Fraser: Ranked Choice Voting offers a better way to run special elections 12/12/2011
Ranked Choice Voting a Clear Winner in St. Paul Elections 12/1/2011
Legislative Special Elections Highlight Need for Ranked Choice Voting 11/29/2011
Happy Thanksgiving -- We're Already Celebrating! 11/22/2011
Democracy Reform Powerhouse Karla Ekdahl Earns AFP Award 11/17/2011
On Nov. 16, DOUBLE the impact of your support for a better democracy! 11/15/2011
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thune is Majority Winner in Ward 2 after St. Paul RCV Launch 11/15/2011
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Ranked Choice Voting a Clear Winner in St. Paul Elections 11/9/2011
RCV Ups Participation by Eliminating Low-Turnout Primary (Unpublished Letter to the Editor) 11/8/2011
Oct. News: St. Paulites Getting Ready for RCV Rollout; We Need Your Help Now! 10/28/2011
Oct. 3 Press Release: Ranked Voting Education Effort Reaching Voters across St. Paul 10/3/2011
Join FairVote MN for Ranked Voting Door-knocking in St. Paul! 9/28/2011
FairVote MN Sept. News: LRT Station-Naming Demo Election Showcases Ranked Voting 9/19/2011
FairVote MN Celebrates Another Tasty, Successful State Fair 9/14/2011
Media Advisory: Education Available to Prepare St. Paul Voters for First Ranked Voting Election, Nov. 8 9/12/2011
News Release: Hotter than Deep-Fried Cheese Curds (and Healthier, Too!): RCV at the Fair 8/28/2011
FairVote MN Aug. News: In Shutdown’s Wake, MPR, MinnPost Op-eds Call for Statewide RCV 8/15/2011
Media Alert: A Solution to Our Dysfunctional Politics 8/11/2011