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FairVote MN News

Title Published
FairVote MN Sept. News: LRT Station-Naming Demo Election Showcases Ranked Voting 9/19/2011
FairVote MN Celebrates Another Tasty, Successful State Fair 9/14/2011
Media Advisory: Education Available to Prepare St. Paul Voters for First Ranked Voting Election, Nov. 8 9/12/2011
News Release: Hotter than Deep-Fried Cheese Curds (and Healthier, Too!): RCV at the Fair 8/28/2011
FairVote MN Aug. News: In Shutdown’s Wake, MPR, MinnPost Op-eds Call for Statewide RCV 8/15/2011
Media Alert: A Solution to Our Dysfunctional Politics 8/11/2011
Talk RCV @ NNO! 8/2/2011
We're Hiring! FairVote MN Seeks St. Paul Ranked Voting Education Coordinator 7/29/2011
Time to Move on Statewide RCV: How our voting system enabled the shutdown, perpetuates gridlock 7/18/2011
FairVote MN News: St. Paul Enthusiastically Welcomes Bill Moyers – and RCV 6/24/2011
Reform Backers Enjoy Beer, Burgers, Brats and Bluegrass for RCV 6/24/2011
St. Paul Welcomes Bill Moyers – and Ranked Choice Voting 6/16/2011
Ace Organizer Sarah Clarke Joins FairVote MN Staff 6/7/2011
News Release: Bill Moyers Helps Kick Off St. Paul RCV Readiness Campaign 6/2/2011
FairVote MN News: Broken Electoral System Enables Legislative Gridlock 5/20/2011
News Release: Bipartisan Bill Gives MN Cities Flexibility, Tools to Enact Voting Reform 5/20/2011
Multipartisan Salon and Panel Consensus: RCV’s Time Has Come! 5/18/2011
National Popular Vote Call to Action 5/16/2011
We're Hiring! FairVote MN Seeks St. Paul Ranked Choice Voting Voter Education Coordinator 5/6/2011
May 11 Salon on Political Reform: The Problem Is Too Big...to Think Small 4/25/2011
Election Judge Openings for RCV Election in St. Paul 4/12/2011
Volunteer for Real Political Change! 4/12/2011
FairVote MN Seeks Interns for Democracy 4/8/2011
FairVote MN celebrates International Women's Week by working for meaningful voting reform 3/10/2011
Former FairVote MN chair highlighted in League of Women Voters-St. Louis Park Newsletter 3/4/2011