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FairVote MN News

Title Published
One defective ballot in Minneapolis' 2009 RCV election and other facts 3/6/2013
RCV Bill Earns Committee Approval, Moves Forward in Legislature 2/27/2013
For Immediate Release: Local Option Ranked Choice Voting Bill Moves Forward 2/13/2013
David Gergen Visits MN, Calls for Democracy Reform 2/12/2013
FairVote MN News, Jan. 2013: Tell Your Lawmakers: Time to Move on RCV! 1/11/2013
FairVote Minnesota Announces 2013 Winter-Spring Internships 1/6/2013
The Race Is On 12/29/2012
FairVote MN Makes Big Strides in 2012, Prepares for Even Bigger Gains in 2013 12/28/2012
On Nov. 15, Invest to the Max in a Smarter, More Civil and More Representative Democracy! 11/14/2012
Minnesota's Commitment to Democracy will Push RCV Forward 11/8/2012
FairVote MN News: Imagine Election Season with Ranked Choice Voting 10/30/2012
‘Palate to the Ballot’ Promotes RCV and a Better Democracy 10/28/2012
Gratitude, Inspiration are George Pillsbury's Legacy 10/22/2012
FairVote MN Sept. News: Krist Rocks: Novoselic Amps Up Support for RCV 9/28/2012
Krist Rocks: Novoselic Amps Up Support for RCV 9/5/2012
Democracy Tour 2012 with Krist Novoselic, Aug 23-24 8/2/2012
FairVote MN July News Roundup: Voting Reformer, Bass Legend Novoselic Brings Democracy Tour to MN 7/30/2012
Democracy Tour 2012 with Krist Novoselic, Aug. 23-24 7/28/2012
Moving Forward with Pride: Outreach Yields More Support for RCV 6/26/2012
Minnesota DFL Party Commits to Ranked Choice Voting 6/4/2012
FairVote MN May 2012 News: Time for ‘Something Bold’: MN Leaders Laud RCV at Packed Event 5/31/2012
Time for 'Something Bold': MN Leaders Laud RCV at Packed Event 5/25/2012
FairVote: Look to Election Rules to Reverse Decline of Political Center 5/17/2012
FairVote MN is hiring computer-savvy champions of democracy for temporary data entry work 5/11/2012
FairVote MN News: April 2012 4/27/2012