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FairVote MN News

Title Published
We're Hiring! FairVote MN Seeks St. Paul Ranked Choice Voting Voter Education Coordinator 5/6/2011
May 11 Salon on Political Reform: The Problem Is Too Big...to Think Small 4/25/2011
Election Judge Openings for RCV Election in St. Paul 4/12/2011
Volunteer for Real Political Change! 4/12/2011
FairVote MN Seeks Interns for Democracy 4/8/2011
FairVote MN celebrates International Women's Week by working for meaningful voting reform 3/10/2011
Former FairVote MN chair highlighted in League of Women Voters-St. Louis Park Newsletter 3/4/2011
"The King's Speech" Wins FairVote MN's Best Picture Poll! 2/25/2011
Fairvote MN News: Best Picture Being Chosen Using RCV; FairVote Poll Winner Announced 2/25/2011
January 2011 News: FairVote MN Announces New Chair, Expands Board and Moves to Statewide Outreach 1/31/2011
Press Release: FairVote MN Announces New Chair, Expands Board and Moves to Statewide Outreach 1/28/2011
Media Advisory: RCV, the Sequel: Preferential Voting to Again Determine Best Picture 1/25/2011
2011 Best Picture Poll 1/25/2011
December News: Growing Consensus: Time to Move on RCV 12/2/2010
Bay Area Embraces Voting Reform in a Big Way 11/29/2010
Fairvote: From the "Non-Majority Rule" Desk: Post-Election Wrap-Up, IRV in Oakland, and Looking to 2012 11/23/2010
For Immediate Release: It’s like “Back to the Future” meets “Nightmare on Elm Street.” 11/4/2010
Media Advisory: FairVote MN offers election perspective 10/30/2010
Double it for Ranked Choice Voting before Election Day! 10/28/2010
FairVote MN Applauds Use of Ranked Poll in Minnesota Governor’s Race 10/25/2010
October News: Minority-Rule Outcome is Forecast in Race for Governor 10/20/2010
Make a Gift to FairVote MN Today -- and Watch it Double! 10/5/2010
FairVote MN September 2010 Newsletter: Bracing for Polarizing Autumn, Minority-Backed Governor 9/10/2010
RCV Talk at the Fair 9/7/2010
Elephant Ears and Electoral Reform: FairVote at the Fair 8/31/2010