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FairVote Minnesota Seeks Director of Campaigns

FairVote Minnesota

Director of Campaigns Job Description

Date:  December 13, 2016


FairVote Minnesota’s (FVM) Director of Campaigns (DC) directly oversees FVM’s campaign activities. In 2017, these activities will primarily encompass directing RCV voter education campaigns in the upcoming municipal elections in Minneapolis and St. Paul; promoting RCV through caucuses and conventions; developing and implementing an RCV training program in preparation for the 2017 RCV elections and providing support to emerging RCV campaigns in local communities exploring RCV. The DC reports to the Executive Director and will be the primary FVM staff person responsible for these campaigns, and will be charged with overseeing the creation and implementation of these plans, managing the staff associated with these campaigns, and tracking and reporting each campaign’s progress.

FairVote Minnesota works for a better democracy through public education and advocacy. We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan public interest organization committed to promoting inclusive voting systems that foster greater choice, competition, participation and representation.

We are an equal opportunity employer and serves and collaborates with diverse or underrepresented communities. We’re seeking an individual who has experience successfully managing diverse teams and working with diverse populations.


  1. Hiring, Training, & Supporting Campaign Staff. The DC will be responsible for hiring (as appropriate), training, and supporting all staff and contractors necessary for the successful implementation of each campaign. Successfully fulfilling these duties will include creating management and supervision structures for each staff person/contractor so that everyone is feeling supported; as appropriate, designing and providing training for staff members/contractors on the skills necessary for their jobs; providing on-the-ground and remote coaching to team members so that their skills and abilities improve; holding staff members/ contractors accountable so that they are providing their deliverables on the desired timelines of each campaign.
  2. Designing, Adjusting, & Implementing Campaign Plans. The DC will be the FVM staff person ultimately responsible for the design and successful execution of each campaign plan. The DC will be responsible for reviewing current plans as they exist and building out complete documents through the end of the election. The DC will also be responsible for adjusting these documents as circumstances change on the ground, and working with staff/contractors to make sure they are implementing the plans effectively.
  3. Developing campaign training and materials.  The DC will oversee and assist in the design and implementation of training and required materials for campaign staff and volunteers.
  4. Building & Maintaining Data Structures to Support Each Campaign. Effective campaigns require the effective use of data. The DC will be responsible for building out data systems in both the VAN and FVM’s database that effectively tracks and records the work being done in each campaign and ensures future use of this data on subsequent campaigns in the future.
  5. Building & Maintaining Tracking Systems for Post-Election Report. FVM wishes to demonstrate to our funders that the work we are doing is having an impact on the electorate. To properly demonstrate this fact, we will need to track and record various metrics over the course of the campaigns, including tracking the tone of the campaigns, the degree of coordination among candidates that occur, and the effectiveness of our education efforts. The DC will be in charge of developing our methodology for collecting these data, and then will oversee the data’s successful collection and aggregation.
  6. Working with FVM’s Executive Director and Consultant Team on Overall Campaign Strategy. Overall campaign strategy organizing to pass and implement RCV, and at the legislature will be a collaborative effort between the DC, FVM’s ED, and FVM’s consultant team. The DC will attend strategy meetings with these individuals to collaborate on overall strategy.
  7. Reporting Out on Campaign’s Progress. The DC will be responsible for a weekly report on each campaign’s progress. The DC will be charged with creating the relevant metrics and qualitative elements that warrant weekly tracking and sending weekly reports tracking those metrics and elements to FVM’s ED each week.
  8. Serving as a resource. The DC serve as a resource to media, legislators and partner organizations as appropriate.


  • · Knowledge of Ranked Choice Voting and the general field of electoral reform
  • · At least 2 years of campaign management or organizing experience including campaign planning, staff management, coalition building, volunteer engagement, signature drives and voter turnout
  • · Preferred experience working with local and state legislative bodies
  • · Experience working with public media
  • · Strong collaboration and consensus-building skills
  • · Strong communication skills including writing, public speaking and grant writing

Compensation commensurate with experience.  Apply to Jeanne Massey at Jeanne.massey@fairvotemn.org. The position will be open until filled.