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FairVote MN Press Articles

Title Published
Sen. Hayden, Rep. Flanagan and Javier Morillo: Ranked Choice Voting promotes issue-based, inclusive campaigns 12/30/2016
Readers Write, Star Tribune: Ranked Choice Voting 12/17/2016
Star Tribune Editorial: Keep experimenting with Ranked Choice Voting 12/8/2016
Jeanne Massey and Jeff Peterson: Now it’s time for electoral reform 12/7/2016
Tim Penny and Tom Horner: The parties have too much of the people's power 11/23/2016
Letter in Highland Villager: Extend ranked-choice voting 11/10/2016
Letter by Sen. Patricia Torres Ray: Ilhan Omar's primary win would have been even better with RCV 8/15/2016
Eric Black: The U.S.: a four- or five-party country jammed into a two-party system 8/10/2016
Letter in Rochester Post Bulletin: Ranked choice voting will provide better election outcomes 8/4/2016
Larry Diamond: Democracy in Decline - How Washington Can Reverse the Tide 7/31/2016
Tim Penny and Jeanne Massey: The case for Ranked Choice Voting 6/13/2016
Jeanne Massey: Ranked-choice voting would avert many of the election dilemmas seen this year 6/13/2016
Tim Penny in Duluth News Tribune: Ranked-choice would avoid our current electoral mess 5/20/2016
Lori Sturdevant: The 2016 campaign: A game of 'what if?' in the presidential race 4/28/2016
U.S. Electoral Reform: A Conversation with Larry Diamond 4/26/2016
Ellen Brown in Pioneer Press: Silver Lining 4/23/2016
Jim Watkins in SWJ: Apathy and disillusionment: Inaction cut from two very different cloths 4/12/2016
Forbes: A Simple Fix For The Broken American Voting System 1/14/2016
Noecker wins runoff for St. Paul City Council seat 11/10/2015
Star Tribune Editorial: Even after setback, Minnesotans should keep pressing for ranked-choice voting 11/8/2015
Ellen Brown: Attacks by outside groups have no place under Ranked Choice Voting 10/30/2015
Senator Dave Durenberger: Ranked-choice voting selects best candidates 10/29/2015
Wy Spano: Ranked-choice voting can help rescue Minnesota Nice, if we let it 10/29/2015
Letter to the edtior: As absentee voting begins 9/23/2015
Star Tribune Editorial: Duluth should adopt ranked-choice voting, scrap low-turnout primaries 9/19/2015