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Less partisan polarization
More choices for voters
Upholds majority rule

Links to Other Resources

Resources on Voting Systems

Proportional Representation Library - Prof. Douglas Amy's comprehensive PR resource.

International IDEA (The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance) - Promotes and advances sustainable democracy and improves and consolidates electoral processes world-wide.

DemoChoice - An interactive demonstration of preference voting.

Instant Runoff (IRV)

San Francisco exit poll

InstantRunoff.com - A resource for IRV advocates.

California IRV Coalition

Coalition for Instant Runoff Voting in Washington

Massachusetts Election Reform Alliance

IRV flash animation demonstration

InstantRunoff - National online discussion group for IRV activists.

InstantRunoffMN - Online discussion group for Minnesota IRV activists.

ElectionMethods.org - Discusses various methods for single-winner elections. Includes a strong critique of IRV.

National Organizations

The Center for Voting and Democracy - The leading national advocate for election system reform.

States and Local Organizations

Californians for Proportional Representation

Illinois Citizens for Proportional Representation

Washington Citizens for Proportional Representation

Midwest Democracy Center

FairVote Vancouver - Vancouver WA organization that helped pass an ordinance permitting their city to adopt IRV.

A history of New York City's PR experience


Elections and Electoral Systems Around the World - A vast list of information organized by country.

Election Reform Society - The oldest continuous PR advocacy organisation, founded in 1884.

Fair Vote Canada

Proportional Representation Society of Australia

Election Reform Coalition of New Zealand - The ERC led the successful fight to bring PR to New Zealand. The site has a good explanation of mixed-member PR.

Lijphart Election Archives - Information on election laws and results in many countries.


OpenSTV - Is an open-source software for implementing the single transferable vote
and other voting methods such as instant runoff voting, Condorcet
voting, and approval voting.

Voting Solutions - A vendor of vote-counting software. The site has links to vendors of election equipment and Online Election Services.

Caltech-MIT/Voting Technology Project - Working on voting machine, voter registration, and other problems seen in the 2000 Presidential election.

Policy Studies and Think Tank Articles

John Locke Foundation's Carolina Journal:
Finally, A Useful Election Reform, October, 2007

Citizens Leauge's Minnesota Journal:
IRV offers better, fairer alternative to current electoral process, September 2007

The New Democracy Project, Democracy Protection Act:
40 Ways Toward a More Perfect Union, February 2007

The New America Foundation's 10 Big Ideas for a New America:
Instant Runoff Voting, February 2007

Brookings Institute Opportunity 08:
Empowering Moderate and Independent Voters: Implement Instant Runoff Straegy, 2007

League of Women Voters of Minnnesota:
Alternative Voting Systems: Facts and Issues, September 2004

New Rules
The Governance Sector: Proportional Representation and Instant Runoff Voting