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Civic, Community, Union and Business Leaders

Community Leaders

  • Harriet Barlow, Executive Director, the Blue Mountain Center; Advisor, Harold K. Hochschild Foundation 
  • John Cairns, former Executive Director, Minnesota Business Parnership; former Minneapolis City Council member
  • Bill Cosgriff, Attorney, Briggs and Morgan PA
  • Ned Crosby and Pat Benn, founders Citizen Jurys Project 
  • Chuck Denny, former CEO, ADC Communications
  • Joe Dowling, Artistic Director for the Guthrie Theater
  • Elizabeth Dickenson, community and environmental activist
  • Cheryl Dickson, former President and CEO of the Minnesota Humanities Commission
  • Joe Dowling, Artistic Director for the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis
  • Dave Durenberger, former US Senator; Chair, National Institute of Health Policy; Advisory Board, National Popular Vote Plan
  • Kelly Doran, Founder and Principal, Doran Companies
  • Karla Ekdahl, Community Leader
  • Catherine Gray, Program Officer, Minneapolis Foundation
  • Jim Gibson, Owner, Trail Blazer Campaign Services
  • Mike Goldner, former owner of an investment firm and president of the Minneapolis Civil Liberties Union
  • Mark Halvorson, former president, Minnesota Citizens for Election Integrity
  • Tom Horner, co-founder of Himle Horner, Inc and candidate for Minnesota Governor
  • Peter Hutchinson, President, Bush Foundation; founder Public Strategies Group; former Minneapolis School Superintendent
  • Curt Johnson, President, Citistates Group; former Chair, Metropolitan Council; former Executive Director, Citizens League
  • Liz Johnson, director, White House Project Minnesota
  • Mike Logan, Comcast Governmental Affairs
  • Jim and Cindy Smart, Jim is President of Smart Associates
  • Tammy Lee Stanoch, Vice President, Corporate Affairs at Carlson; Chair of Women Winning
  • Brian Melendez, former Chair, DFL Party; Attorney, Faegre & Benson
  • Javier Morillo, President , SEIU Local 26
  • Tom Moss, COO, Public Strategies Group
  • Dr. Glen Nelson, Surgeon and former Medtronic Vice Chairman
  • Jim Niland, Political Director, AFSCME Council 5
  • Sally Pillsbury, community volunteers
  • Jon Pratt, Executive Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Walter Rockenstein, Attorney, Faegre & Benson; former Minneapolis Council Member
  • Jorge Saavedra, Attorney, community leader
  • Bill Sands, Chairman, Western Bancshares, Inc.
  • Tony Solgard, former President, FairVote Minnesota
  • Wy Spano, Director, University of Minnesota-Duluth Center for Advocacy and Political Leadership; Co-founder and editor, Politics in Minnesota
  • Jorge Saavedra, candidate for US Congress; attorney at law
  • David Schultz, Attorney, Professor, Hamline University
  • Chuck Slocum, consultant and former MN Republican Party Chair
  • Craig Swaggert, Chair, Minnesota Independence Party
  • Jane Tschida, Community leader, former President, Minnesota Governmental Relations Council; Board Member, CommonBond Communities
  • Paul Tschida, Community leader; former Commissioner of Public Safety, University of Minnesota
  • Jack Uldrich, Global futurist and author; Owner, Nano Veritas; former Deputy Director of the MN Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning, Governor Ventura's adminstration
  • Tom Swain, former mayor of Lilydale, former Chief of Staff to Governor Elmer Anderson and former vice president for Institutional Relations, University of Minnesota
  • Lee Pao Xiong, Director, Center for Hmong Studies at Concordia