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Sun Sailor: It is Plymouth’s time to adopt ranked-choice voting

Michael Hearne in The Sun Sailor To the Editor: As the dust settles on the most contentious presidential election in modern history, the Plymouth City Council is showing its leadership by studying ranked-choice voting at a study session April 13. I believe it is the best option...

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Sun Current: Support statewide ranked-choice voting

Emily Bryant in The Sun Current: To the editor: Polarization is ubiquitous across the political landscape, and it’s tearing apart our nation, our states, our communities and even our families. While this affliction is driven by many factors, there is a remedy. Ranked-choice...

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White Bear Press: Check out ranked-choice voting

Mike Krachmer in the White Bear Press   I am not a political extremist, I am not prone to hyperbole, and I don’t easily get worked up. Nonetheless, I must express that I am deeply alarmed by the degree to which polarization, disinformation and negative partisanship are...

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Mankato Free Press: Minnesota needs ranked choice voting

Andrew Weinzierl in The Mankato Free Press: Rather than feeling pressured to vote for the lesser of two evils, we deserve an election process that is fair for all voters, promotes civility, and produces outcomes that are a truer reflection of the will of the people. It’s time...

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SW News Media: It’s time to pass Ranked Choice Voting

Ali Chechem Ali in SW News Media: At first blush you may be merely frustrated that 52.5% of Shakopee voted for a progressive candidate but because of the vote-splitting spoiler effect, Republican Erik Mortenson will represent our community in St. Paul. But in truth, rage may be...

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Washington Post: Next up for Never Trumpers

Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post: The first and essential goal for Never Trumpers — the general description for the loose affiliation of former Republicans and anti-Trump Republicans who worked on behalf of President-elect Joe Biden — was accomplished with the defeat of...

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