Sign the Petition

At a time we need it more than ever, RCV is our best next step toward a stronger democracy.

The Problem

Because of the way we vote, too many candidates campaign with divisive rhetoric, win without majority support, and cause gridlock once in office as they represent only their base.

That cynical political operatives in Minnesota this year began gaming the Spoiler Effect, recruiting minor party candidates to draw votes away from their opponents so their favored candidates could win with majority support, is stark evidence that immediate action is imperative.

The Solution

Ranked Choice Voting is the solution we need. It discourages negative campaigning, gives voters more options on their ballots, breaks down polarization, and leads to the election of unifying, coalition-building leaders. It also neutralizes the democracy-degrading tactic of Spoiler Effect manipulation; RCV elections are won by those whose ideas and vision best represent all voters.

The Demand

The signers of this petition demand that the Minnesota Legislature pass Ranked Choice Voting for statewide elections and to give localities the opportunity to pass RCV. Our elections should be fair, offer a level playing field, ensure majority winners, and not be open to manipulation.