Our Mission

The Fight To Save Our Democracy

At FairVote Minnesota, we believe in a democracy that is inclusive, representative, participatory, civil, and responsive to the demands of the majorities of voters.

Yet divisiveness and polarization are threatening progress on the many challenges we face in our state and our nation. The root cause is our antiquated plurality voting method that limits voter choice, creates “spoiler” candidates, fuels negative campaigns, discourages candidates with diverse backgrounds and perspectives from running, and frequently elects winners opposed by a majority of voters. We are seeing the erosion of our democratic institutions and norms, decline in civility, and the rise of extremism and polarization.

FairVote Minnesota is a national leader in the movement for Ranked Choice Voting, one of the most significant and achievable reforms we can undertake to strengthen our democracy. It is a simple, but powerful change to the way we vote that gives voters more choice and more power, eliminates spoiler dynamics and structural inequities, incentivizes candidates to build majority coalitions, elects candidates supported by the most voters, and fosters elected leaders who govern and problem solve on behalf of the majority.

Ranked Choice Voting is simple, powerful, and non-partisan.

It is the best first step we can take to address the polarization and gridlock that has gripped our political system and to create a more inclusive, representative, and responsive democracy.

Now is the time and FairVote Minnesota has the plan to move our communities and our state forward.

Join us.

Jeanne Massey

Executive Director, FairVote Minnesota

Ranked Choice Voting pushes candidates to speak to all voters and helps ensure that all voices are heard. It makes our democracy stronger. That’s why I’ve been a proud supporter of RCV for many years.

Governor Tim Walz

Ranked Choice Voting gives communities and ideas that are normally ignored a fighting chance. Our democracies are healthier when all communities are at the table, and that’s why I support RCV.

Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan

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