Contact Your Legislators

At a time we need it more than ever, RCV is our best next step toward a stronger democracy.

Contact your State Legislators: Urge them to champion Ranked Choice Voting

We need Ranked Choice Voting in Minnesota more than ever.

And with HF 89 and SF 218 introduced by Rep. Elkins and Sen. Eken respectively, then clone bills HF 1375, SF 1651 and SF 2159 introduced by Rep. Frazier, Rep. Agbaje, Sen. Port and Sen. Kunesh, we’ve made A LOT of progress in 2021.

Ranked Choice Voting:

  • Ensures winners enjoy broad majority support
  • Eliminates the problem of “spoiler” candidates
  • Gives voters more choice and more power
  • Fosters more civil campaigns
  • Promotes a more inclusive, representative and responsive democracy

Use this tool to contact your legislators and urge them onwards toward the reform we need. It must be a priority this session.

Feel free to send as is or edit to precisely represent your views. Afterall, these letters are coming from you.

Thank you.