The Time is Now:

Pass RCV in 2023

The need to strengthen our democracy and address the dysfunction in our government is urgent, and Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a proven, common sense step we can take right now. By passing the Protect and Advance Democracy Act, Minnesota can become the first state in the nation to adopt RCV statewide through legislative action.

Ranked Choice Voting Legislation

Sen. Kelly Morrison and Rep. Cedrick Frazier, along with a growing number of RCV supporters in the state legislature, are working to pass statewide and local options RCV legislation, the Protect and Advance Democracy Act.

The Protect and Advance Democracy Act will:

  • Establish a task force to make recommendations to the legislature on adopting and implementing RCV at the state level and in local jurisdictions with even-year elections;
  • Allow local jurisdictions with odd-year elections to adopt RCV if they wish;
  • Provide grants to local jurisdictions for RCV implementation and voter education.

RCV is a simple change to the ballot that empowers voters to rank candidates in order of preference and ensures candidates earn majority support to win. It gives voters greater voice, choice and power and fosters more civil campaigns and a more representative and responsive government.

We need to make sure our legislators understand the urgency of this moment and the importance of making RCV a top priority. Contact your legislators and ask them to prioritize and pass the Protect and Advance Democracy Act for RCV statewide!