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Letter: Ranked-choice voting having an influence

Original Publication   To the editor: This summer, we volunteered to provide voter education on ranked-choice voting at Bloomington events and door knock in preparation for the Bloomington City Council election this November. While we are involved in a lot of volunteer...

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Letter: Voters need not wait until Nov. 2

Original Publication To the editor: Early voting for local elections in Bloomington starts this Friday, Sept. 17.   Voters can request a mail-in ballot or vote early in-person at city hall 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, with additional hours the Saturday and Monday before...

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Axel Daood: Ranked choice voting will lead to better leaders

Originally Published in Winona Daily News   Eight months ago, Republican politicians tacitly and explicitly endorsed voter fraud conspiracies, fomenting anger that erupted in violence at the January 6 insurrection. Then, the same politicians – including our representative,...

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SUNThisweek — Letter: Ranked choice voting is a better way

SUNThisweek— Letter: Ranked choice voting is a better way   To the editor: In Minnesota, we keep hearing about ranked-choice voting. Wonder what it is?   RCV is a simple change to the way we vote when more than two people are on the ballot. Vote for a true favorite first,...

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