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What's your favorite benefit of Ranked Choice Voting?
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Less partisan polarization
More choices for voters
Upholds majority rule

About Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting allows voters to rank candidates on the ballot according to their preference - 1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, etc. Voters cast their vote for their favorite candidate knowing that if he or she doesn't gather enough votes to win, their vote will count toward their second choice. In a single-winner election, votes cast for the least popular candidate are not "wasted", but rather redistributed to more popular candidates, based on the voters' second choices, until one candidate wins with a majority of votes.

How Ranked Choice Voting Works

Using what we had in our pockets, we made a video that shows how ranked choice voting is an easier and better way to run elections.

What do voters say about ranked ballots?

Minneapolis voters speak after voting on November 5, 2013

Sen. Hayden, Rep. Flanagan and Javier Morillo: Ranked Choice Voting promotes issue-based, inclusive campaigns

The popularity of the idea in Minneapolis and St. Paul's Ward 2 attests to its simplicity and effectiveness as a reform measure. 

Ranked-voting in the long run yields political leadership that is more reflective of the whole community. That’s why it is so popular.

Ranked Choice Voting is a rational, achievable, nonpartisan path to predictable outcomes – and to a government that represents a majority of citizens. Currently, political agendas that represent narrow partisan interests are creating a government in gridlock that cannot address Minnesota's long-term challenges. This dysfunction is harmful to the public sector process and it disadvantages individual citizens, nonprofits and the business community as well.

The best government for Minnesota requires thoughtful, balanced, and solutions-based leadership. A system that produces consensus-building, problem-solving public servants — with the interests of the majority of Minnesotans at heart — is more likely to result with Ranked Choice Voting.

Dr. Glen Nelson, MD; Chairman of GDN Holdings

Mayor Rybak: Make history, build power, rank your vote

Dave Durenberger, Tim Penny: We need ranked-choice voting at the national level

MinnPost l 10/21/13

Washington, D.C., is more partisan, polarized and broken than ever, and new polls show that an overwhelming 78 percent of Americans think our country is headed in the wrong direction.

‘Palate to the Ballot’ Promotes RCV and a Better Democracy

‘Palate to the Ballot’ Promotes RCV and a Better Democracy

Star Tribune editorial advocates for earlier primary and Ranked Choice Voting

Low turnout argues for earlier primary. Add ranked-choice voting to give every winner majority status.

Star Tribune Editorial l August 15, 2012

Democracy Tour 2012 with Krist Novoselic, Aug 23-24

Come meet the man Grist magazine calls a “prince of rock nobility [turned] wonky election reformist": Krist Novoselic. The bassist for Nirvana now serves as board chair for FairVote, our national counterpart working to reform elections across the country. 

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