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FairVote Minnesota Foundation

FairVote Minnesota is comprised of two separate corporate entities, FairVote Minnesota and FairVote Minnesota Foundation.  Both are part of the same overall organization, but it is necessary that we have two separate organizations in order for FairVoteMinnesota to do a broad range of work in advancing election reform. This Web site collectively refers to the two organizations under the name FairVote Minnesota.

Certain FairVote Minnesota activities must be done by one organization and not the other. FairVote Minnesota – our 501(c)4 organization – engages in legislative lobbying and ballot measure campaigns to influence and change local and state policy. Contributions in support of these activities are not tax deductible.  

In contrast, our strong and growing educational and outreach program to inform and engage citizens in the work of democracy reform are provided by FairVote Minnesota Foundation – our 501(c)3 organization. Contributions in support of these activities tax deductible.

You may make a contribution to either FairVote Minnesota or FairVote Minnesota Foundation, or both. A contribution to either organization will be used to support, promote and advance ranked choice voting and other election reforms. However, each organization will only use the funds contributed directly to it to carry out the specific activities it conducts as part of the overall FairVote Minnesota mission.

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