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Bemidji Pioneer Editorial: Making all votes count with Ranked Choice Voting


By: Bemidji Pioneer Editorial Board, Bemidji Pioneer, June 14, 2009

Sometimes, the phrase “every vote counts” isn’t as simple as it sounds. Minnesota is finding that out now in the never-ending pursuit of a U.S. senator. In that case, Norm Coleman and Al Franken each want every vote counted, but there is disagreement over “legally cast” ballots. At any rate, the closeness of that race illustrates that each vote is important.

The Minnesota Supreme Court on Thursday issued a decision that affirms an experiment in a voting process that puts true meaning to another voting phrase, “majority rules.”

The ruling, written by Chief Justice Eric Magnuson, upholds the constitutionality of Minneapolis’ instant runoff voting methodology, also known as ranked choice voting. The system allows voters to rank their choices on the ballot, assuring that the eventual winner is a majority winner of all votes case — 50 percent plus one vote — rather than the highest vote-getter but still not garnering a majority.

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