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Less partisan polarization
More choices for voters
Upholds majority rule

FairVote Minnesota Team

Jeanne Massey, Executive Director

Jeanne led the successful 2006 Minneapolis RCV ballot measure campaign and has been Executive Director of FairVote Minnesota since 2007. She has more than 25 years of experience leading nonprofits. Email: Jeanne.Massey@fairvotemn.org

Mike Griffin, Consultant

Mike provides support to our education campaigns in Minneapolis, St. Paul and cities exploring Ranked Choice Voting. Coming off the Minnesota United for All Families Campaigns, he directed the successful field operation for the 2013 Minneapolis RCV education campaign. Email: Mike.Griffin@fairvotemn.org

Casey Krolczyk, Manager, Duluth Better Ballot Campaign

Casey manages the ballot measure campaign in Duluth. Email: casey.krolczyk@gmail.com

Josh Nussbaum, Consultant

Josh provides organizing and management support to FairVote Minnesota's state and local campaigns. He managed the successful Minneapolis and St. Paul education campaigns in 2013.

Sarah Clarke, Consultant

Sarah coordinates various operational, management and outreach efforts. She previously coordinated the voter education efforts for the 2009 implementation of Ranked Choice Voting in St. Paul.

United Strategies, Consultants

United Strategies, led by former Campaign Manager of Minnesotans United for All Families, Richard Carlbom, provides strategy, fundraising and communications services.

Susan Maas and Chistine Lee, Communications

Consultants Susan Maas and Christine Lee provide communications support and lead our social media efforts.

Super Mega Design, Website 

Super Mega Design provides web design and management.

Interns and Volunteers

Dozens of interns and volunteers work with us on our education efforts across Minnesota.  Fall internship applications are now being accepted.