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Published on March 3, 2021

Mike Krachmer in the White Bear Press


I am not a political extremist, I am not prone to hyperbole, and I don’t easily get worked up.

Nonetheless, I must express that I am deeply alarmed by the degree to which polarization, disinformation and negative partisanship are tearing our nation apart. While those issues all came to a head on Jan. 6, the truth is that they have long existed and that they will only get worse if left to fester. The status quo will continue to drive citizen to the extreme margins of opinion and entrench tribal warfare.

We need a political system and process that nurtures conversation, compromise, and policy that serves the entire electorate. We need election reform more than ever, and ranked-choice voting has the potential to be a powerful part of the solution.

Ranked choice voting (RCV) elects candidates who are best able to build a broad coalition of support. Then, once in office, those officials must govern on behalf of that coalition to earn reelection. This would be a hugely good thing for voters.

No matter your political leaning, if you would like a future in which our political leaders build coalitions of support to win, govern on behalf of all, then you are a supporter of ranked-choice voting.

The Minnesota House and Senate are considering bills to adopt RCV. Please join me in writing and calling your legislators to ask them to do all they can to support HF 89 and SF 218. I have done so for mine: Rep. Becker-Finn and Sen. Isaacson.

It’s going to take all of us pulling together to get us out of this muck. So, let’s get to work.

Mike Krachmer

Vadnais Heights

550 Vandalia St. #210

St. Paul, MN 55114

(763) 807-2550


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