Eden Prairie Local News — Rank Choice Voting: A non-partisan reform that offers hope

Published on June 22, 2021


Eden Prairie Local News — Rank Choice Voting: A non-partisan reform that offers hope


As citizens, we have the privilege to vote for the candidates who best represent our views on many complicated issues.

Unfortunately, our current system of extreme partisanship makes it difficult for us to do this and is built to tear us apart. The complexity of the issues and the concerns of the majority of the citizens are ignored in this self-serving system.

This broken system fails us in two ways: First, it is difficult to understand the issues because of partisan disinformation and obfuscation. Second, as politicians speak negatively to and about each other, we begin to mirror this behavior with fellow citizens who have differing viewpoints than our own.

As a result, the needs being served are not the needs of the citizens, but the needs of the politics industry.

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is non-partisan and is designed to serve the people.  RCV elections are won by the candidate who is the most unifying, and most representative candidate of their district, whether that person is conservative or liberal. Ultimately, ranked-choice voting facilitates more productive, issue-driven campaigns

Divisiveness, deceitfulness and polarization are tearing our communities apart. It needs to stop. We need Ranked Choice Voting because it elevates unifying, truthful, issue-focused leaders. 

Eden Prairie is lucky to have the leadership of Senator Steve Cwodzinski and Representative Laurie Pyor who are both champions for House and Senate bills that would allow our city to use RCV.  Please reach out Representative Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn with a message to sign on to HF 89. 


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Eden Prairie

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