FairVote Minnesota and FairVote Minnesota Union (TNG-CWA 37002) Jointly Announce Organization’s Commitment to Union Workers

Published on September 3, 2021

FairVote Minnesota and organizing employees in FairVote Minnesota Union (TNG-CWA 37002) jointly announce the recall of bargaining unit employees to organizing positions at FairVote Minnesota. FairVote Minnesota and FairVote Minnesota Union are proud that the organization will move forward with union employees as key members of the front-line field team.

FairVote Minnesota publicly apologizes to organizing workers for how the layoffs were handled, recognizing that the staff were not expected to be laid off, and is pleased to be able to recall affected employees. FairVote Minnesota is committed to transparency with organizing staff and is committed to union positions as part of its ongoing work. For more details, see https://fairvotemn.org/union_commitment.

FairVote Minnesota Union (TNG-CWA 37002) would like to thank supporters of Ranked Choice Voting across the state who spoke out in support of their unionization efforts. With unionized organizers back at work, supporters can expect robust voter education efforts in the five cities that will use RCV this fall as well as advocacy work to advance RCV statewide and relaunch our electoral program to elect pro-RCV candidates to the Minnesota legislature.

This commitment to union workers reflects FairVote Minnesota’s continuing support for inclusive, democratic systems in our state. Toward that end, the management and the Board of Directors of FairVote Minnesota are implementing the union contract and are working alongside organizers in advocating for RCV and a more responsive, inclusive democracy.

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