Letter: Ranked-choice voting having an influence

Published on October 4, 2021

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To the editor:

This summer, we volunteered to provide voter education on ranked-choice voting at Bloomington events and door knock in preparation for the Bloomington City Council election this November.

While we are involved in a lot of volunteer activities, we are especially inspired and excited about the positive impact RCV can have on our city and its residents.

We’re hopeful that this new way of campaigning and voting will help bring civility back to politics. RCV promotes campaigning that is more respectful, issue-based and inclusive. Already, we’re seeing candidates highlight their agreements with other candidates instead of mudslinging. We see yard signs for multiple candidates in the same yard.

We’re happy to report that the majority of folks we spoke with at doors and events understand RCV and are looking forward to using it.


Lynn Lundeberg

Pat Meyer


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