The Best Coalition Builder in the Alaska Special Election Won

Published on September 2, 2022

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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Contact: Erin Zamoff, FairVote MN Communications Director,, (952) 334-8313



Democrat Mary Peltola demonstrates broad appeal in winning the first-ever statewide Election using Ranked Choice Voting


Saint Paul, MN — Official results from the first-ever statewide Election in Alaska using Ranked Choice Voting showed Democrat Mary Peltola’s broad coalition campaign won 51.47% of the vote, proving voters are looking to elect candidates seeking to build consensus. 

“We know Ranked Choice Voting benefits candidates committed to building broad and diverse coalitions,” said Jeanne Massey, Executive Director of FairVote Minnesota. “We congratulate the voters of Alaska — the true winners in this Election — for ensuring their voice was heard at home and throughout our country.”

Peltola is the first ever, Native Alaskan to serve in the United States Congress. She was able to connect with voters and build a positive campaign across party lines that focused on issues important to the majority of Alaskans, including the fishing industry, education and abortion rights. 

“I am eager to welcome Rep.-Elect Peltola to the Democratic caucus and celebrate this Special Election victory for Alaskans,” said Congressman Dean Phillips (MN03). “We need more states to join Alaska and Maine in using Ranked Choice Voting to ensure more coalition builders come to Congress. I hope Minnesota adopts the use of Ranked Choice Voting in 2023.” 

“I am thrilled that Democrat Mary Peltola, Yup’ik, will become the first Alaskan Native to serve in the U.S. Congress, said Minnesota Senator Mary Kunesh, a strong champion of Ranked Choice Voting. “Yet, that is not the only good piece of news coming from the far North; Mary’s race proved that RCV really does work; a valuable tool in coalition building, one of the many tangible benefits of RCV. Minnesotans are ready for this commonsense voting process and I will work with my colleagues to expand the use of Ranked Choice Voting statewide in Minnesota in the coming term.”

Please contact Erin Zamoff (, (952) 334-8313), or Jeanne Massey, FairVote MN Executive Director (, 612-850-6897) for media inquiries. 


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