Ranked Choice Voting is one of the ways to make sure people feel like their vote is being counted, feel like it really matters. It increases participation and gives us better trust in our democracy. I fully support it.

Tim Walz

Governor of Minnesota

Ranked Choice Voting lowers the level of bitter partisan and personal attacks and shifts the focus to a more civil discussion of public policy.

Arne Carlson

Former Governor of Minnesota (GOP)

Never have we needed good government more than we need it right now. It’s not about partisan politics, it’s not about party.

Ranked Chocie Voting is the legacy of my lifetime, and that is why I support it so much.

Dr. Michael Osterholm

Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Ranked Choice Voting is a better way to vote. In a large, diverse field of candidates, ranked-choice ballots would guarantee democratic majority rule.

Elizabeth Warren

US Senator from Massachusetts

Ranked Choice Voting is more inclusive and encourages more candidates to run with diverse backgrounds and perspectives which in turn ensures our elections more fully represent and reflect the people and provide the leadership we need for our communities to thrive.

Melisa Franzen

Minnesota Senator

Ranked Choice Voting is simple, fair and common sense.

Jennifer Lawrence


Ranked Choice Voting removes barriers to participation and forces us to grapple with difficult issues together. When more voices are included at the decision making table… that’s a very good thing.

Peggy Flanagan

Minnesota Lieutenant Governor

Ranked Choice Voting is simple, empowers voters, and rewards candidates who broaden support beyond their base.

Dean Phillips

US Congressman from Minnesota's Third District

Ranked Choice Voting is the only way I know that will get people back to the polls in a meaningful way and replacy plurality-take-all elecitons with majority-winner elections

Dave Durenberger

Former US Sentaor from Minnesota (GOP)

If you feel helpless there is hope. There is something we can do right now that will change the game. It’s called Ranked Choice Voting.

Hasan Minhaj

Creator of the Patriot Act

If we are believing in democracy adn the firht for people to have the freedom to cast their ballot and not have to choose between the lesser of two evils, Ranked Choice Voting is something I support.

Bernie Sanders

US Senator from Vermont

If you want to have hope, invest in a reform like Ranked Choice Voting. It would have tremendous impact for years to come and preserve our democracy.

Andy Slavitt

Senior Advisor Bipartisan Policy Center

One reason we sometimes wind up with extreme politicians is that we have a one-round process that does not always reflect people’s true preferences.

Ranked Choice Voting would help reward candidates who command broad support and would lead to better resutls. The process matters.

Andrew Yang

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and 2020 Presidential Candidate