Our Commitment to Union Workers

Field Organizers and Regional Organizing Directors at FairVote Minnesota formed FairVote Minnesota Union with The NewsGuild (TNG-CWA 37002). A collective bargaining agreement was signed July 16, 2021. FairVote Minnesota and FairVote Minnesota Union are proud that the organization will move forward with union employees as key members of the front-line field team.

Collective Bargaining Agreement: Link to Agreement

FairVote Minnesota is committed to transparency with organizing staff and is committed to union positions as part of its ongoing work.

This includes:

Our Commitment: Ranked Choice Voting supporters can expect unionized workers to hold organizing positions while the organization works on robust voter education efforts in the Minnesota cities that use RCV, as well as advocacy work to advance RCV statewide and an electoral program to elect pro-RCV candidates to the Minnesota legislature.

A Labor-Management Committee: This will be the space where the union employees’ concerns about transparency and the desire to have a seat at the table of decision-making will be addressed on an ongoing basis.

FairVote Minnesota Union will meet monthly (or otherwise agreed upon intervals) in LMC meetings with management. Meetings happen on paid time during work hours. Our standing agenda includes:

  • Discuss issues of concern and interest
  • Discuss work plan, review and give input on budget categories and priorities
  • Jointly problem-solve issues
  • Jointly plan opportunities ahead

Working with the Board of Directors: Board meetings will now have as a formal part of every agenda a report from the unionized workers and approved board meeting minutes may be shared with the union members upon request.

This commitment to union workers reflects FairVote Minnesota’s continuing support for inclusive, democratic systems in our state.