Fighting for our Democracy with Secretary of State Steve Simon

Published on December 27, 2020

Amazing! More than 100 people joined us on December 27th for our special zoom event, Fighting for our Democracy with Special Guest Secretary of State Steve Simon

For a full recording of the event, click here.

Secretary Simon outlined the unique challenges posed by holding an election during a once in a century pandemic and how despite those challenges, we achieved close to 80% voter turnout — the highest in the nation and the highest voter turnout in Minnesota in 64 years! Thank you to Secretary Simon and our election workers — and Minnesta voters — for persevering to achieve this result.

And while the election was safe, accurate and successful, Secretary Simon noted the ongoing “threat of organized disinformation” which he called “extremely corrosive” and “damaging to our democracy.” It is incumbent on all of us to rebut these myths and conspiracy theories. 

The successful election showed that voters are hungry for voting options like vote-by-mail and early voting, but threats to our democracy persist. We need to not only rebut disinformation, but also improve our system so that we elect leaders who appeal to the broad majority and are more inclusive of all voters. Ranked Choice Voting offers a path to leaders who are more inclusive, diverse, and representative, and more responsive to more voters. 

Noting the spoiler dynamic which impacted critical races in Minnesota, Rep. Steve Elkins shared that he and his fellow democracy champions in the Minnesota House are going to introduce a Ranked Choice Voting bill that will not only allow localities the opportunity to adopt RCV but also extend RCV statewide! Secretary Simon carried the RCV Local Options bill when he was a legislator himself and noted that RCV is “something that many people across the country and state are embracing regardless of political party.”

He applauded FairVote Minnesota’s work in strengthening our democracy and being a “force for good.” 

Secretary Simon noted the large turnout at the event over a holiday weekend and commented that it demonstrates “your commitment to democracy.” These efforts to undermine our democracy won’t go away on their own. It requires all of us to participate and contribute. As Secretary Simon emphasized,  supporting FairVote Minnesota in its “really vital work will be helping not just me, not just Minnesota but Minnesotans.”   

If you would like to contribute to FairVote Minnesota’s critical work for election reform, donate here: 

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